Pablo Pena

Assistant Instructional Professor at University of Chicago

Pablo is an affiliate at Peregrine Economics and an Assistant Instructional Professor at the Kenneth C. Griffin Department of Economics at the University of Chicago. He has worked as a consultant advising businesses in entertainment, banking, e-commerce, education, infrastructure, and health. Previously, he was Chief Economist at Mexico’s National Banking and Securities Commission, and Associate Director at Chicago Partners (later acquired by Navigant and Charles River Associates).

He testified in federal court in a criminal case about price gouging of N-95 masks. He has worked as a consultant regarding the establishment of two 524(g) trusts for asbestos-related tort claims. Prior to that, he worked as a consultant in multiple antitrust cases of alleged exclusionary contracts in different industries.

Pablo has a bachelor’s degree in economics from Mexico’s Autonomous Institute of Technology (ITAM) and a PhD in economics from the University of Chicago.