General Damages

Peregrine Economics features a team of seasoned experts proficient in analyzing and opining on economic damages across various disputes. Our team of experts skillfully blends established methodologies from diverse fields including Valuation, Labor & Economics, and Data Science to deliver comprehensive solutions in assessing general damages. Leveraging our deep expertise in these disciplines, we provide nuanced insights and precise evaluations, ensuring that every aspect of general damages is meticulously analyzed and understood.

Our Qualifications 

Peregrine experts have offered economic damages opinions in federal and state courts, IRS matters, and arbitration proceedings.

We meticulously analyze each factor and assumption affecting economic damages, applying economic and econometric techniques to estimate profits, prices, earnings, and other valuation measures in "but-for" models while controlling for unrelated economic and firm-specific factors. 

At Peregrine Economics, precision and expertise are at the core of our practice.

Key Areas of Expertise

  • Executive Compensation: Our expertise encompasses a thorough analysis of executive compensation packages. This includes evaluating stock options, restricted stock awards, and conducting extensive market surveys to ensure comprehensive assessments.
  • Supply and Sales Agreements: We specialize in evaluating damages arising from disputes in supply and sales agreements. Our approach provides in-depth insights and a complete understanding of the complexities involved.
  • Health Insurance Plans: We offer specialized analysis in assessing damages related to health insurance plans, ensuring a detailed and informed evaluation of the impacts on healthcare coverage and costs.
  • Financial Projections and Assumptions: Our team meticulously scrutinizes financial projections and underlying assumptions.
  • Investor Fee Disputes: We extend our services to disputes involving management fees and performance/incentive fees, delivering thorough and comprehensive assessments in investor-related disagreements.
  • Intellectual Property Infringement: We analyze economic damages in patent, trademark, copyright, and trade secret disputes. Our work covers early assessment of case “value,” discovery planning and execution, consideration and design of alternative damages approaches and models, and preparation of expert reports and testimony.