Labor & Employment

Peregrine Economics is at the forefront of labor and employment litigation and consulting. Our seasoned experts have been instrumental in navigating the intricate landscape of labor laws, regulations, and real-world disputes. We have worked on the full range of employment and labor litigation including class certification, liability and damages in class-action race and gender discrimination matters; liability and damages in single plaintiff cases especially involving high-worth individuals; wage and hour disputes; and wrongful termination cases.

Moreover, our experts have assisted numerous clients in devising affirmative action plans catering to employees, and minority and female-owned enterprises. We've also been pivotal in crafting reductions-in-force (RIF) strategies. Our clientele is vast and varied, encompassing Fortune 100 corporations, state bodies, and municipalities. Many of these cases have been pivotal, setting precedents in the industry.

Beyond litigation, our clients also seek our expertise for proactive evaluations of their diversity objectives in non-litigation spheres. Our integrated approach, combining legal prowess with strategic insights, empowers our clients to stay ahead of challenges and ensures their labor and employment strategies are both compliant and forward-thinking.

Our Technological Edge  

We understand that labor and employment issues often require the analysis of large-scale compensation and human resources (“HR”) databases. Our team is not just legally adept, but also technologically proficient. We specialize in handling vast, multifaceted databases, curating databases from diverse sources, both paper-based and digital, and extracting data from popular HR systems like PeopleSoft.

Key Areas of Expertise

  • Class-action Certification under Rule 23
  • Misclassification of Workers
  • Statistical analyses related to liability for race, gender, ethnicity, age and other forms of discrimination.
  • Damages analyses related to discrimination in promotions, pay, hiring, or firing as well as wrongful termination matters in both class-action and individual matters.
  • Wage and Hour litigation under FLSA, PAGA, and other state-specific labor regulations.
  • Arbitration-centric pay and benefits analyses.
  • Evaluation and analysis of reduction-in-force policies.
  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) initiatives.