Peregrine Economics experts in the Valuation practice have been engaged as testifying experts and consulting experts in a variety of valuation disputes including: SEC enforcement actions, IRS tax disputes, shareholder cases involving closely-held businesses, merger and acquisition litigation, trust and estate litigation and marital disputes, among others.

Peregrine experts apply standard and well-known economic and financial techniques to value both financial instruments as well as business enterprises. Our financial instrument valuations have included public equities, private equity, corporate bonds, municipal bonds, structured finance instruments, credit derivatives and mortgage-backed securities.

Peregrine experts have also performed valuations of interests in publicly traded companies and private companies in the form of merger analyses; minority, debt and other shareholder claims; bankruptcy matters, and the valuation of operating companies, holding companies, subsidiaries and joint ventures. Our valuation work has included analyzing financial projections, market and industry dynamics and disclosures, analyzing business failures and business interruption claims.

Our Qualifications 

Peregrine experts have been qualified to offer valuation opinions in federal and state court, IRS matters and arbitration proceedings. Our team utilizes traditional approaches to valuation with an emphasis on rigorous, detailed and objective analysis on entity and instrument factors as well as prevailing market dynamics on each assignment.

Key Areas of Expertise

  • Traditional income, asset and market approaches to firm valuation
  • Financial statement analysis, restatement analysis, solvency analysis and detailed review of financial projections and credit ratings of individual companies
  • The application of ASC 820 and fair value guidance to securities and other assets held by both public and private companies as well as investment funds
  • Valuation of futures, options, swaps and other complex derivatives
  • Restricted securities and valuation of Level 2 and 3 assets
  • Equity, fixed income, foreign currency and commodity markets
  • Venture capital and private equity, including analysis and valuation of carried interest
  • Approaches to valuation utilized in M&A transactions
  • Material Adverse Effect (MAE) matters
  • Intellectual property assets in a wide range of transactional contexts, including: mergers and acquisitions, divestitures, joint ventures, bankruptcy and reorganization, licensing, and IP-backed lending.