Lawrence Pines


Lawrence Pines is a consultant on issues related to trading and investing in capital markets. He advises hedge funds, mutual funds, proprietary traders, family offices and law firms on issues related to equities trading, ETFs, options trading and investing in equities, options, commodities and foreign exchange markets. Mr. Pines also helps advise on an options overlay strategy employed by traders.

Mr. Pines has 33 years of experience analyzing, trading and consulting on financial markets. He has been a member market maker on the NYSE Arca, Chicago Board of Options Exchange (CBOE), Philadelphia Stock Exchange and Pacific Exchange. He has also traded futures contracts on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) as a customer and options contracts in the over-the-counter foreign exchange market as a professional trader for Chase Manhattan Bank and Bank of New York. Mr. Pines specializes in trading equities and options on hard-to-borrow stocks and equities and equity options of companies involved in special situations such as merger and acquisitions, spinoffs, Dutch tender offers and rights offerings. His experience includes advising clients on equities and options trading and hedging strategies, risk management and trading equity, ETF, commodities and foreign exchange derivatives portfolios.

His expertise also includes simulating trading strategies, designing, executing and hedging multi-legged options trades and analyzing equities, commodities and options trading patterns.

Larry has a Bachelors degree from Princeton University.